our services

WOODWORK: In our facilities we undertake any kind of carpentry work from simple theater flats up to advanced constructions of sophisticated designs, load bearing, kinetic capabilities and joinery.

ENGINEERING: We offer high end metal structures made out of either mild steel or aluminum. We have bar rolling and bending facilities which allow us to create all kind of 2D or 3D formations.

SCENIC PAINT: Our painting department is always praised for their wonderful results on realistic paint effects, patinas, backdrop painting.

SCULPTING: We create any type of object or structure, using a variety of materials and combined techniques that include wood, steel, polycarbonate all type of foams, fiberglass, either as a whole, or in composite parts for assembly and disassembly.

CASTING: Just about anything is castable… though maybe not water. We’ve cast and created a couple of thousand sausages, body cast, even the occasional chicken.